Jiraiya Wooden Sculpture


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Wanna find out how we made JIRAIYA wooden sculpture? Check out THIS VIDEO!!


Jiraiya was an exceptionally powerful shinobi, hailed as one of the greatest ninja of his generation and that Konoha ever produced. He was the mentor of two major Hokages, one of which is Naruto Uzumaki. He was offered the position  three times, and would have been offered a fourth one had he lived longer. Despite his goofy and eccentric nature, Jiraiya is actually very shrewd in the field. His specialty is intelligence gathering, having a spy network that runs throughout the Five Great Shinobi Countries that he can use to gain information about a particular person or group to be used to his or his allies’ advantage. In combat, he is very perceptive; Jiraiya observes all of the opponents’ various actions, forms a theory about the how and why, and uses that theory to try and capitalise in the battle. He has repeatedly proven to be a very talented teacher, as all his students went on to become very powerful and well-known shinobi. His memory is very good; as he was dying, he was able to craft a coded message using the page numbers of Icha Icha Tactics, with the first word on each page serving as his message.

[Credit to Narutopedia]


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